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System Series

Different systems to use land & grow plants

For more information about System Series please contact the Yancey Learning Center at 828.682.7315.

Class 1: System 1: What is Permaculture (2.5 Hours)
Learn about Permaculture - where to plant, place your shelter, use of interplanting, water use, forest use, wind barriers and more.

Class 2: System 2: Biodynamics (2.5 Hours)
We will study the system of cycles and energies to build soils founded by Rudolf Steiener. This system uses planets, moon cycles, and live forces of plants to build biologically active soils.

Class 3: System 3: Regeneration (2.5 Hours)
Regeneration, agriculture and gardening are much talked about these days as ways to build soil. This system uses cover crops, minimum tillage or no-till, rotational planting, interplanting and more.

Class 4: System 4: Choosing a System (2.5 Hours)
Learn to create a system that works for you out of various ideas. How do you transition and learn as you go how to apply what works for your land and resources and energy to grow better soils and plants.

Class 5: System 5: Site Visit (4 Hours)
Visit a site that can best demonstrate some of the ideas of the previous four sessions.