Dustin Hughes Early College Liaison Student Services 828-766-1231
Ashley Bingman Retention Specialist Student Services 828-766-1241
Gene Self Director of Financial Aid Financial Aid Department 828-766-1240
Shane Gunter Office Assistant Small Business Center 828-766-1296
Levi Cook Maintenance Technician Plant Maintenance 828-766-1196
Brandon Buchanan Maintenance Technician Plant Maintenance 828-766-1199
Paul Dover Welding Instructor Welding Technology 828-766-1345
Melissa Watson APT Helpdesk Technician Information Technology 828-766-1366
Dustin Wilson Coordinator of Desktop Services Information Technology Services 828-766-1334
Matthew Ward Director, Economic Development Commission President's Office 828-537-1690 ext. 1408
Tom Rauzi Records & Registration Data Coordinator Records & Registration 828-766-1252
John McGraw Coordinator of Network Services Information Technology Services 828-766-1190
Melissa Dylewski Financial Aid Technician Financial Aid Department 828-766-1242
Shanyn Doan Program Director Title III Grant Resource Development 828-766-1250
Andrew Chruch Coordinator, Anspach Advanced Manufacturing Rapid Prototype Anspach 828-766-1247
Brent Buchanan Ground Maintenance Technician Plant Maintenance 828-766-1198
James Ollis Director of Projects and Facilities Plant Maintenance 828-766-1197
Nina Hollifield Human Resource Assistant/ Cashier Administrative Services 828-766-1225
Brywn Philips Dean of Advancement Foundation 828-766-1275
Jeremy Bare Director of Artificial Intelligence President's Office 828-766-1218
Victoria Banner Welding, Program Coordinator/Instructor Welding Technology 828-766-3417
Deann Johnson Administrative Assistant - Avery Learning Center Economic & Workforce Development 828-766-1388
Melissa Phillips Dean, Avery County Programs Economic & Workforce Development 828-766-1380
Lyndell Duvall Applied Engineering, Program Coordinator/Instructor Applied Engineering 828-766-1378
Christopher Huffman Applied Engineering Instructor Applied Engineering 828-766-1376
Jeanne Proffitt Administrative Assistant-Yancey Learning Center Economic & Workforce Development 828-766-1373
Pat Robinson Administrative Assistant-Yancey Learning Center Economic & Workforce Development 828-766-1371
Monica Carpenter Associate Vice President-Economic & Workforce Development Economic & Workforce Development 828-766-1370
Debra Barnett Technical Services Librarian Learning Resource Center 828-766-1362
Richard Linville Coordinator-Distance Education Learning Resource Center 828-766-1361
Jon Wilmesherr Dean of LRC/Distance Education Learning Resource Center 828-766-1360
Kimberly Ledford Dean of Health Sciences / Director of Nursing Nursing 828-766-1359
Terri Vance-Yoder Nursing Instructor Nursing 828-766-1357
Christina Cooper CNA Coordinator/Nursing Instructor Nursing 828-766-1356
Elizabeth Payne Nursing Instructor Nursing 828-766-1355
Melissa Gragg Nursing Instructor Nursing 828-766-1354
Stacy Good Nursing Instructor Nursing 828-766-1353
Susan Shephard Director, Medical Assisting Program Medical Assisting 828-766-1352
Tony Parker Associate Dean of Career Technologies Career Technologies 828-766-1348
Jason Coleman Criminal Justice and Law Enforcement Program Coordinator Criminal Justice 828-766-1341
Misti Silver Human Services Program Coordinator/Instructor Human Services Technology 828-766-1340
Dana Crawford Director, Basic Law Enforcement Training Basic Law Enforcement Training 828-766-1338
Tonya Helms Cosmetology Program Coordinator/ Instructor Cosmetology 828-766-1336
Angelia Ollis Cosmetology Instructor Cosmetology 828-766-1335
Elizabeth Dellinger Business Administration Program Coordinator Business Administration 828-766-1332
Ryan Carter Information Technology, Program Coordinator/Instructor Computer Information Technology 828-766-1331
Whitney Hobart HSE/ESL Coordinator Adult Basic Education 828-766-1326
Steve Gunter Dean, Pre-College Programs Pre-College Programs/GED®/ESL 828-766-1320
Sherry Sherman Dean, Arts & Sciences, Biology Instructor College Transfer 828-766-1317
Larry Shook Math Instructor College Transfer 828-766-1315
Elizabeth Hardy Developmental Studies Instructor College Transfer 828-766-1312
April Pittman Psychology Instructor College Transfer 828-766-1311
Morgan Burk Biology Instructor/ Education Program Specialist College Transfer 828-766-1309
Lynn McKinney English Instructor College Transfer 828-766-1308
Jason Davis High School Liaison Mitchell County Student Services 828-766-1305
Matthew Hitechew History Instructor College Transfer 828-766-1303
Beth Ellis English Instructor College Transfer 828-766-1301
Jessica Seekins Administrative Assistant, Mitchell Workforce / Basic Law Enforcement Training Economic & Workforce Development / Basic Law Enforcement Training 828-766-1299
Ted Ollis Director, Customized Training & HRD Economic & Workforce Development 828-766-1297
Morgan Wood Director, Small Business Center Small Business Center 828-766-1295
Chris Helms Dean, Continuing Education Programs, Mitchell County and Prison Programs Economic & Workforce Development 828-766-1291
Keegan Anderson Vice President of Instruction, CAO Instruction & Economic & Workforce Development 828-766-1290
Carol Holden Corrections/Life Skills Coordinator Pre-College Programs/GED®/ESL 828-766-1285
Nathan Beckham Administrative Assistant, Vice President of Instruction, CAO Instructional Services 828-766-1284
Brooklyn Hunter Enrollment Recruiter/ Student Engagement Specialist Student Services 828-766-1283
Kelly Smith Director, Resource Development 828-766-1282
Debbie Stafford Director, SOAR Student Services 828-766-1281
Tony Cook Emergency Services Program Coordinator Economic & Workforce Development 828-766-1279
Debbie Mitchell Director, Institutional Effectiveness/SACSCOC Institutional Effectiveness 828-766-1273
Judy McClure Director, Human Resources Human Resources 828-766-1272
Angela Cook Foundation/Mayland Enterprise Corporation Accountant/Assistant Foundation 828-766-1271
John Boyd President President's Office 828-766-1270
Brooke Burleson Executive Assistant-President & Board of Trustees President's Office 828-766-1269
Debra Cagle SOAR Administrative Assistant Student Services 828-766-1263
Michelle Musich Dean of Students Student Services 828-766-1262
Maria Braswell S.O.A.R. Program Counselor Student Services 828-766-1261
Dora Smith Transfer Counselor, SOAR Student Services 828-766-1260
Donna Haynes Marketing Director Marketing/Public Information 828-766-1257
Doug Dewar Director of Counseling and Disability Services Student Services 828-766-1256
Jennifer Grindstaff Coordinator of Recruitment and Health Science Admissions Student Services 828-766-1255
Megan Stevens Success Advisor Student Services 828-766-1254
Brooke Clark Director of Records & Registration Student Services 828-766-1252
Jeannine Gunter Administrative Assistant Student Services Student Services 828-766-1234
Josh Cooke EMS Program Director Health Sciences 828-766-1230
Rebecca Shoupe Accounts Payable Technician Administrative Services 828-766-1229
Cindi Renfro Director, Financial Services Administrative Services 828-766-1228
William Ellis Coordinator, Equipment/Purchasing/Safety Administrative Services 828-766-1227
Tonia Wilson Accounting Technician II / Payroll Administrative Services 828-766-1226
Amanda Buchanan Vice President, Administrative Services Administrative Services 828-766-1224
Kimberly Burleson Administrative Assistant, Vice President of Administrative Services Administrative Services 828-766-1221
Jamie Vickers Accounting Coordinator Administrative Services 828-766-1220
Franklin O'Hagan High School Liaison Avery County Student Services 828-766-1215
Michelle Fenlin Career Development Facilitator WIOA 828-766-1195
Christy Harrell Career Development Facilitator WIOA 828-766-1195
Steve Buchanan Coordinator of Network Service Information Technology 828-766-1192
Justin Deitz Anspach Welding Instructor Welding Technology 828-682-7315
April Jones Career Development Facilitator WIOA 828-682-6618
Donna Kelly Career Development Facilitator WIOA 828-682-6618
Pamela Wilson Director, WIOA WIOA 828-682-6618
Kelly Boone High School Liaison Yancey County Student Services 828-682-6104