Your Success Team

At Mayland, we care about your success. We know that sometimes you may need more support, guidance, or assistance in achieving your goals - and that’s why Mayland has assembled a team of people, Success Advisors, Academic Advisors, Counseling Center Staff to help when you need it.

Success Advisors

are available to work with you through the day-to-day operational needs you may have, such as admissions, registration (adding/dropping classes), and transcripts. They are able to help you find answers to questions and connect you to the right person for further assistance.

Academic Advisors

provide professional advising to assist you with understanding degree requirements and selecting your program or degree pathway. They can help you with mapping out which classes to take and when to take them and assist you in navigating transfer guides.

Your academic advisor can also help you with exploring career paths and offer free career assessment. Go to your academic advisor for all things academic goal related!

Counseling Center Staff

From pre-admission to post-graduation, the Counseling Center provides student centered counseling and programming in the areas of career planning, transfer assistance, supportive counseling, disability services, academic support and job search assistance.


SOAR (Support Options for Achievement and Retention) is a TRIO Student Support Services Program funded by the U.S. Department of Education. SOAR provides academic, personal, career, and financial assistance to students who qualify based on one or more of the following criteria: low-income status, first-generation college student (neither parent has completed a bachelor’s degree), or a documented disability. It provides the support needed to overcome obstacles and connect with resources to reach their goals.