Student Life


The Student Development Division strives to support Mayland students in both their academic endeavors and their personal matters. We offer a variety of services and programs to students currently enrolled as well as those in the process of applying. Whether you’re an applicant or a student with concerns, we encourage you to visit us in person or online and get answers to your questions, problems, and issues.

Mayland Community College Has a Varied Student Population

Mayland Community College has many different kinds of students seeking education for many different reasons. We have high school grads, transfer students, displaced workers, single parents, and seniors. Visit our ADMISSIONS page to learn more about what Mayland has to offer.

Important Financial Aid Changes

There is a new appeals process for students whose financial aid has changed due to issues with academic progress. Students must document the reasons for the appeal on this FORM and submit it for review. For questions, please contact the Office of FINANCIAL AID.