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College Can Be Affordable

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At Mayland, we make education both accessible and affordable. Each year, many of our students receive some type of financial aid ranging from merit-based scholarships to need-based federal aid. We work hard to help you pay for college because a degree from Mayland is a powerful investment that will pay off, in both increased earnings and job satisfaction. But what is the upfront cost, and how do you afford it?

There's good news: Money is available to help you pay for school! You'll find lots of information here about the process of finding funds to help pay for your education.


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What Does It Cost

Planning for college starts with understanding the costs. Many factors go into the cost, such as where you live and whether you qualify for discounts, financial aid or scholarships. Let's get started.

Get Money for College

Financial aid comes in many forms: some of the money you have to pay back (loans), and some of it you don't (grants & scholarships). Some you can earn money through the work-study program.

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