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College Core Competencies

MCC provides a college experience that develops, broadens and strengthens the knowledge, skills, attitudes and values necessary for a lifetime of inquiry for our students. Graduates of MCC, regardless of program, should possess a common core of general education competencies that promotes success in the work place, facilitates the learning of technical skills, and eases the transition to further higher education. Achievement of these competencies should also serve to enhance the quality of life, create student success and result in responsible citizenship for all students.

MCC has identified five (5) general education competencies (defined as College Core Competencies):

Outcome 1: Demonstrate effective written communications. Assessed in ENG 111.
Outcome 2: Employ critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Assessed in PSY 150.
Outcome 3: Work cooperatively to achieve the needs of a group or team. Assessed in COM 231.
Outcome 4: Apply appropriate technology skills. Assessed in CIS 110.
Outcome 5: Use applicable mathematical skills. Assessed in MAT 143 and MAT 171.

Direct assessment of student attainment of College Core competencies is conducted by faculty within courses. Courses were selected so that most degree-seeking students would be assessed on each outcome on their path to graduation.

Diploma and certificate programs also assess College Core Competencies when appropriate and at college-level through courses within individual programs of study.