Mayland Weather Conditions

4 Options During Inclement Weather

There are four options related to the operation of Mayland Community College during periods of inclement weather:

Option A:
Operate on a regular schedule with no delay.

Option B:
Delayed Start – If it is necessary to delay morning classes, the College will use 8 a.m. as a reference time for delays.  For example, “two-hour delay” will actually mean that classes will begin at 10 a.m. and continue thereafter on a regular schedule.  If it is necessary to delay evening classes, the College will use 5 p.m. as a reference time for delays.  A “one-hour delay,” for example, will mean that all classes that would be in session at 6 p.m. would meet and conclude at their normal time.

Option C:
Virtual Day – employees are expected to work virtually from home unless specifically required to report to campus by their supervisor. 

Option D:
Early Dismissal  – When the College declares an early dismissal due to inclement weather, an administrative designee will make the announcement over the email or text alert system.  Employees are free to leave campus and work virtually from home for the remainder of the day, unless specifically required to stay by the supervisor for the purpose of assisting with snow removal or other critical functions.

Option E:
Other Conditions – Specific inclement weather policies for clinical and other off-campus work experiences have been developed and may be obtained from program directors.

Information regarding College operations during periods of inclement weather will be provided to all local radio stations, regional television stations for all day classes.

Sources for News & Alerts

Information will also be made available on the college’s:
1. MCC Weather Hotline 828.766.1213
2. ReGroup Text Alerts (must opt in from the MyMCC on
3. MCC Facebook page (like MCC on Facebook to receive updates)

Check more than one source before leaving home!

If Option B, delayed schedule, is announced, the following course times will be in effect for day courses:

Option B: Delayed Schedule





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