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Terrific Teens (Dog Training) (6hrs)

Terrific Teens class (taught by Brianne Harris of Positive Partners Dog Training, LLC) is a dog training class tailored specifically for adolescent dogs. As teenagers, dogs often face a multitude of behavioral challenges, from increased energy levels to testing boundaries. This class provides a structured environment where young dogs can thrive and learn essential obedience skills while navigating this developmental stage. Focusing on building confidence and teaching self-control, this class equips young dogs with the tools they need to mature into well-mannered companions.
Whether your adolescent dog is a bundle of energy or struggling with obedience, Terrific Teens provides a nurturing environment where both dogs and owners can thrive, fostering mutual understanding and cooperation for a harmonious relationship.
3/21/24-4/25/24, Th, 6:00-7:00pm
Instructor: Harris
Avery: 828.733.5883