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Summer Session at Mayland Community College

Whether you are a current Mayland student or attend another college but are back in town on break, summer session classes are a great way to …

  • Get ahead on your studies and finish your degree sooner than planned
  • Catch up by taking a class you couldn’t fit in during the semester
  • Focus your attention on a class you found difficult
  • Fulfill a general education requirement

Mayland’s Summer Session courses are condensed into eight-week sessions to make summer classes work for you and your schedule. The first sessions typically begin at the end of May and course content is the same as if it were offered over a full semester, but assignments and tests happen at a faster pace.

Choose Your Courses

Click here to see a list of available courses (make sure you have selected “summer” from the Term Menu). Classes fill early, so reserve your spot as soon as you can! Here’s how:

Apply Now!

Financial Aid

Financial Aid may be available for summer courses (depending on credits enrolled and your eligibility). Make sure to complete your 2020/2021 FAFSA now to find out what you are eligible for. If you have questions, visit our Financial Aid page or contact our Financial Aid Department.