SGA/Student Organizations

SGA / Student Organizations

Association of Student Medical Assistants

The Association of Student Medical Assistants is designed for current medical assisting students as well as pre-medical assisting students. The Association’s goals are to educate the public to the expanding field of medical assisting, to continually improve the program, to explore better student learning methods, and to develop a community service project for each freshman group. See the Coordinator of the Medical Assisting program, located in the Health Sciences Building for more information.

Collegiate Future Farmers of America (FFA)

FFA makes a positive difference in the lives of students by developing their potential for premier leadership, personal growth, and career success through agricultural education. Collegiate FFA enhances the collegiate experience through service and engagement to create premier leaders, enable personal growth, and ensure career succes

Human Services Student Organization

The Human Services Student Association was created for students enrolled in the Human Services Technology Program. This association was designed to promote student participation in community service projects and campus-wide activities. The association also strives to provide students with opportunities to network with and learn from other professionals in the human service field. See the Coordinator of the Human Services Technology program, located on the second floor of the Samuel Phillips Building, for more information.

Student Ambassador Program

MCC’s Student Ambassadors are students nominated by faculty and staff based on their commitment to the college and on their leadership potential. To become an Ambassador, students are required to fill out a detailed application and submit it along with two references. Ambassadors must also maintain a 2.5 GPA. Ambassadors are responsible for hosting student tours, assisting with MCC Foundation events and special events hosted by the President’s office. Ambassadors also coordinate efforts to raise money for community charities as part of their yearly projects, and in addition, assist faculty and staff on registration day at the college. For more information, see Matt Crump in Student Development, Gwaltney Hall.

Student Government Association (SGA)

MCC’s SGA represents you in the policy decisions of the college and encourages you to participate in the College’s decision-making process. SGA also provides you with opportunities to develop leadership abilities by service in officer or senator positions. Each year, the SGA sponsors educational, cultural, recreational, and service activities for students.

SGA officers are elected from the student body, while senators are recruited from the student body and required from each student organization. Responsibilities and powers of the SGA are those specified in its constitution and approved by the College’s Board of Trustees. Copies of the SGA Constitution can be obtained from the Dean of Students or on the College’s website. See Michelle Musich or Doug Dewar in Student Development, Gwaltney Hall, for more information.

Student Nurses’ Association (SNA) First Year & Second Year

The Student Nurses’ Association (SNA) is designed to benefit those enrolled in the nursing programs at the College. All nursing students are encouraged to participate in this organization. Some advantages of membership in the SNA include:

  • opportunity to participate in the professional nursing organization for students
  • meeting with other nursing students
  • career launching seminars and services
  • participation in college and community service-learning activities
  • rewarding contests and scholarship opportunities
  • reduced rates on products and services

Theatre Club

Theatre Club is a community designed for sharing ideas with one another, learning new skills, and to be a creative, non-discriminating outlet for the students and faculty of MCC. Membership provides opportunities to explore creative potential.