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MyMCC Questions and Answers


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1. What is the web address for MyMCC?

2. What services can I access from MyMCC?

The MyMCC homepage provides links to:

  • Student Self Service-student finance, tax information, grades, financial aid
    passwords, registration, program evaluations, class schedule
  • Regroup-text alerts
  • Moodle-online class access
  • Password Reset
  • MCC Email

3. How do I find my user name and password for the above services?

User Name = first initial + last name + last 4 digits of Student ID + domain name

Example: Student name: John Hemingway
                      Student ID: 0871999
                      User ID:

Initial Password = first 2 letters of last name + birthdate (The first letter must be capitalized and birthdate is formatted mmddyy.)

Example: Student name: John Paul Hemingway
                      Birthdate: 07-23-1989
                      Password: He072389

4. Why will my user name and password not work when logging in to MyMCC sited?

To log in to your email, Moodle, or Self Service, use your Mayland email and password.

Example: If your username is jhemingway1999, use


5. What is my email address?

Your email address the same as your full username.

* Please check your email frequently as all MCC correspondence is sent there.
* You should always log out of your email when finished.

6. How do I connect to the wireless network?

Connect to the wireless network “Mayland.” You will be prompted for a username and password. You will use your MCC username (e.g., jhemingway1999), without the

Example: Username: jhemingway1999 Password: He072389

There is also a “Mayland-Guest” wireless network available for visitors. It requires valid registration information and will have a limited (slower) connection. To connect, a guest will be required to provide their name, email address, and mobile/cell phone number. The email address and phone number will need to be correct as this is how they will receive their login information.

7. What is my student ID number?

You can locate your student ID number below your name on your User Profile in Student Self Service. Choose the “Student Self Service” button from the MyMCC homepage. Log in to Student Self Service. Select the icon with your username beside it and click User Profile. Your student ID number will be listed below your name in the top left corner of the screen.

You are able to update the address, phone number, and email on this page as well.

8. How do I sign up for text alerts, including inclement weather closing announcements?

From the MyMCC homepage, log in to Regroup. If you get a message that your browser has blocked a pop-up, choose to “Allow Always”. Click on the tab labeled “Email/Phone”. You may enter or update your phone information in the section titled “Text and Voice Preferences”. You may enter or update your email information in the section titled “Email Preferences”. Your primary email address is your MCC email address. You cannot change your primary email address, but you have the option to specify additional email addresses. For each email address you add, you will have to click on the option to “Send Confirmation Message”. Regroup will send an email to each email address specified, requiring you to confirm. Be sure to log out of Regroup when you are finished. (“Log Out” is located in the upper right corner.) You may get an error message upon logging out of Regroup; please disregard. When you receive alerts from Regroup, the caller ID will show as “30890”. You can also call the Weather Hotline at 828-766-1213.

9. How do I register or drop and add classes?

Access the Class Schedule for your desired term at Find the course you would like to take and copy the first part of the section, for example: “ART.” Go to the MyMCC homepage. Click “Student Self Service”. Log in. Select “Student Planning” from the entry choices.

Choose “Plan your Degree & Register for Classes.”

Search for the course needed on the right side of the screen in the search bar by typing in the course subject.

From this screen, you will use the drop-down arrow to view the available sections for the subject needed.

Choose the appropriate section to add to your schedule. Confirm that you do want to add the section to your schedule.

Go back to Plan and Schedule. You will see the class that you have chosen. Click “Register” to register for the section.

10. Drop/Add

Drop/Add is also located in the Student Self Service area of MyMCC. To drop a class, you will go to “Student Planning”, choose “Plan your Degree & Register for Classes”, find the course you wish to drop and click the drop button located below the course. The confirmation screen will show that you have successfully dropped the course. To add a course, refer to the registration instructions above.

11. How do I access my program evaluation?

Go to the MyMCC homepage. Click Student Self Service. Select “Academics” from the choices on the left. Choose “Student Planning” then “My Progress”. This page will show you your current GPA, the progress you have made in the major you are taking, and the courses you lack.

12. Tuition, what do I owe?

Go to the MyMCC homepage. Select the “Self Service” button. From this page, choose “Student Finance”. Select the desired term.

13. Where can I view my financial aid information?

Go to the MyMCC homepage. Select the “Self Service” button. From this page, choose “Financial Aid”.

14. How can I set up a tuition payment plan?

  1. Go to the MyMCC homepage.
  2. Select the “Student Self Service” button
  3. Log in.
  4. From the menu on the left, choose “Financial Information”.
  5. Choose “Student Finance”
  6. Select the “Setup Payment Plan Tab”
  7. Review your balance
  8. Click Proceed to Processor (You will now be linked to Nelnet’s Payment Plan)
  9. Set up security questions
  10. Follow the steps to process your payment plan


15. How do I pay my tuition in full?

  1. Go to the MyMCC homepage.
  2. Select the “Student Self Service” button.
  3. Log in.
  4. From the menu on the left, choose “Financial Information”
  5. Choose, “Pay Full Tuition”
  6. Follow the directions to pay your tuition in full.

16. How can I print my class schedule?

Go to the MyMCC homepage. Click Student Self Service. Log in. Select “Student Planning” from the categories on the left. Click “Student Planning” then “Plan your Degree & Register for Classes.” Click print.

17. How do I view my unofficial Curriculum transcript?

Go to the MyMCC homepage. Click Student Self Service. Login. Select “Academics” from the entry choices on the left. Under “Academics”, choose “Unofficial Transcript”. Choose “CU Curriculum Transcript” as your transcript type. Click “Submit”.

18. How do I request an official Curriculum transcript?

Go to Click the red “Quick Links” button in the upper right-hand corner. From the menu, choose transcript requests. Click the link for curriculum transcripts. From this page, you may choose to request your transcript online or print a copy of the request form and return it to the Office of Records and Registration in person or by mail at:

Mayland Community College
Office of Records and Registration
PO Box 547
Spruce Pine, NC 28777