Forms and Information

Forms and Information


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Parking Permits
Parking permits should be obtained at the MCC Bookstore in the Phillips Building.  The cost for parking permits is covered by student tuiton and fees.  Students are issued a vinyl sticker for their vehicle windshield.  Students should register every vehicle they may drive to MCC.  Students failing to register their vehicle or display their sticker will receive a ticket.

Student Grievance Policy
In order to maintain a harmonious and cooperative environment between and among the College and its students, the College provides for the settlement of problems and differences through an orderly grievance procedure.  Every student shall have the right to present his/her problems or grievances free from coercion, restraint, discrimination or reprisal.  This Policy provides for prompt and orderly consideration and determination of student problems and grievances by College administrators and ultimately the Vice President.

A grievance is any matter of student concern or dissatisfaction with the College’s control except: (a) student discipline matters regarding academic and non-academic violations (Policy 5.3.2 – Student Conduct); (b) discrimination and unlawful harassment, including sexual harassment and sexual violence (Policy 5.3.4 – Discrimination and Unlawful Harassment); (c) a grade appeal (Policy 5.2.5 – Grade Appeal); or (d) any other matter that has a specific grievance process outlined in that policy or procedure.  To view the full policy, click here:Student Grievance Policy