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Forms and Information


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Parking Permits 
Parking permits should be obtained at the MCC Bookstore in the Phillips Building.  The cost for parking permits is covered by student tuiton and fees.  Students are issued a vinyl sticker for their vehicle windshield.  Students should register every vehicle they may drive to MCC.  Students failing to register their vehicle or display their sticker will receive a ticket. 

Student Grievance Procedure
The College provides a just process for the presentation, consideration, and disposition of student complaints and grievances.  The purpose is to assure that all complaints are addressed quickly and handled fairly without the threat of reprisal.   Students should make every effort to resolve a dispute on their own before making a formal complaint.  The College’s goal is to find solutions at the lowest possible level and to keep proceedings as informal, fair, and confidential as possible.  If the student feels that an informal meeting with the other parties involved is not possible due to the nature of the complaint, such as sexual harassment or other sensitive complaint, the student should contact the Dean of Students. A student has the right to appeal any decision or sanction imposed by the College within thirty (30) working days after notification.  To view the full procedure, click here: Student Grievance Procedure.