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Required Outsourced Online Tutoring Support (ROOTS) - FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use NetTutor for any class?

Yes! Mayland provides NetTutor services to all students in any class! While ROOTS is designed to help students in specific English and math courses, NetTutor services can assist students in a variety of classes.

Is there someone I can talk to about ROOTS and tutoring at MCC?

Of course! Our Academic Support Center tutors and Student Services staff are happy to answer questions about ROOTS and other tutoring options at MCC. Feel free to email at with any questions.

Will using ROOTS mean my grade will automictically improve?

Not necessarily, but you will definitely be on track to earn higher grades and to be more successful in your classes! Although no tutoring can promise specific outcomes, students who use NetTutor tend to see very positive results!

Is NetTutor  a computer tutoring program?

No! The NetTutor tutors are real, live human tutors who are familiar with the subject areas and will use our MCC assignments and expectations to make sure you are on track to success!