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Pre-College/Basic Skills Updates

Pre-College/GED®/ESL Updates

The Pre-College Programs department’s face-to-face classes and services have been suspended during the current crisis. However, many of our instructional programs are continuing through distance education.

Free courses are available in adult literacy and GED® preparation (through the Learning Labs program), English speaking/reading/listening (through the ESL program), and basic academic and independent living skills (through the Life Skills program).

  • Students in all our community programs (Learning Labs, ESL, and Life Skills) continue to participate in online instruction. There are a couple of different ways formats available. Online instruction requires that students have a suitable device (computer, tablet, etc.) and access to the internet.
    • Some students are enrolled in online coursework managed by our instructors. These courses allow students to complete assignments online in reading, writing, and math skills, receiving assistance from instructors via phone, email, text, or Zoom.
    • Many classes are also conducting class sessions through Zoom. These classes allow students to interact directly with the instructor and other students during the session.
  • These programs are also offering paper-based correspondence courses for students who do not have online access. These courses allow students to complete assignments in reading, writing, and math skills at home on paper, receiving assistance from instructors via phone, email, text, or Zoom.

As the GED® and HiSET® tests must be administered in person in a official testing center, we are currently unable to administer those credential tests. We do anticipate that, as North Carolina begins to reopen services, we will be able to begin administering these tests again very soon.


Use one of the following options to contact us about how to enroll:

  1. Learning Labs (GED®, adult literacy, college preparation) 828.766.1327 or
  2. ESL (English reading, writing, speaking, and listening) 828.766.1333 or
  3. Life Skills (basic academic, employability, and independent living skills) 828.766.1285 or


If you need an official transcript for your High School Equivalency Diploma (GED® or HiSET®), go to You will need to set up an account to request these documents.

  • If you completed before 2014, your Test Taker ID# will be your full Social Security Number.
  • If you completed after 2014, you can log in to your test taker account to obtain your test taker ID#.
  • If you have any questions and we can be of further assistance, call 828-766-1326 and leave a voicemail with your contact information. Your call will be returned shortly.

The GED®/HiSET® Testing Center is also closed for the duration of this event.

Please continue to check for further information as the situation develops.