The Glenn & Carol Arthur Planetarium

Opening to the Public on June 25, 2022!


Welcome to the Arthur Planetarium!

Opening on June 25, 2022, the Glenn and Carol Arthur Planetarium, located at the Earth to Sky Park in Burnsville, NC, will now wow audiences with traditional astronomy shows to other STEM education shows all underneath a 36 ft projection dome. Comprised of 60 seats beneath the dome, the planetarium is a multi-use destination for visitors, residents, school children, and Mayland students.

Directions to the Park

Visitor’s Center Hours- all planetarium tickets are sold at the Visitor’s Center

Wednesday- Saturday: 3:00pm-9:00pm

Sunday: 1:00pm-4:00pm

Monday and Tuesday: Closed


Ticket Information

Adults: $12

Seniors 60+: $10

Veterans: $10

Mayland Employees & Students with Valid ID: $8

Children age 4-12: $5

Children 3 and under: Free



Wednesday-Thursday 4:00pm- Expedition Reef– Reveals in exquisite detail the breathtaking beauty and biodiversity of coral reefs and the scientists taking action to restore them.

Friday & Saturday 4:00pm- Habitat Earth– Features biological and human-built networks (and how they intersect), taking viewers on an immersive journey through the contentedness of Earth.

Friday & Saturday 7:00pm- Out There: the quest for extrasolar worlds– For thousands of years, mankind thought that the Earth was the center of the Universe. Thanks to our curiosity, imagination and urge to explore, we now know that planets like our Earth are nothing special in the cosmos. The Sun is just one ordinary star among hundreds of billions in our galaxy, the Milky Way. With the world’s most powerful telescopes, we are able to explore more and more of the Universe. What we have found so far has surpassed even the wildest expectations of scientists as well as authors of science fiction. Most stars have planets- it turns out they are more common than we thought.

Sunday 2:00pm- Expedition Reef– Reveals in exquisite detail the breathtaking beauty and biodiversity of coral reefs and the scientists taking action to restore them.

Monday Closed


Field Trips and Private Rentals

A large part of the mission of the Earth to Sky Park is to offer environmental education opportunities to K-12 students and work with teachers on hands-on activities that correlate with curriculum being taught in the classroom. The Arthur Planetarium welcomes field trips and can accommodate up to 60 students and teachers at once. Each planetarium show lasts approximately 1 hour and additional hands-on activities are available upon request. The Carolyn Munro Wilson Picnic Shelter provides a wonderful place for students to enjoy a snack or eat lunch and can seat up to 32 people at the picnic tables. To schedule a field trip and receive pricing information please contact staff at

The Arthur Planetarium, much like the Bare Dark Sky Observatory, may be rented for a private group. Experience the wonder of the universe in the comfort of reclining chairs and climate control even in the daytime! Open to groups up to 60 people, the Arthur Planetarium provides a unique learning and entertainment opportunity for all ages! For rental information and pricing please contact staff at



Matt Willey-Good of the Hive artist

In October of 2021, internationally known muralist, Matthew Willey began painting one of his “Good of the Hive” murals on the exterior of the Glenn and Carol Arthur Planetarium. The mission of “The Good of the Hive” project, is to promote honeybee health and the awareness of how all living things are connected. Willey has committed to painting 50,000 bees world-wide, which is the number needed for a healthy hive. Other locations where Willey has already painted murals include the Smithsonian Zoo, the Burt’s Bees headquarters, and many more. Willey will return to the Earth Sky Park in April to complete his mural. Visitors are welcome to the park to watch him paint and ask questions. Additionally, the park is setting up K-12 field trips to watch Willey paint and do other activities at the Park. For more information, please call 828.766.1213. To learn more about  “The Good of the Hive” visit,