The Glenn & Carol Arthur Planetarium

Planetarium Foundation Planetarium Planetarium Exterior Planetarium Blueprint

Opening in 2021, Mayland Community College is constructing a 60 seat planetarium with a 36 ft projection dome located at the Earth to Sky Park. This facility will become a multi-use destination for our students, school children, residents, and visitors for many years to come. The Planetarium will be used for viewing the skies from around the world, traveling through the human body as part of STEM education, and virtually experiencing wonderful places around the globe. Laser light shows at the Planetarium will allow visitors to listen to some of their favorite artists. It will be an event center with activities under the stars and enable viewers to experience our local night sky even when cloudy. The Glenn and Carol Arthur Planetarium will provide education and entertainment for all ages!

Matt Willey-Good of the Hive artist

In Spring of 2021, local artist, Matthew Willey will be painting a bee mural on the outside of the Glenn and Carol Arthur Planetarium. As part of “The Good of the Hive” project, the mural will promote awareness of the importance of honeybees. Willey is on a mission to paint 50,000 bees around the world and has already completed murals in locations such as the Smithsonian Zoo, the Burt’s Bees headquarters, and many more. The public will be invited to events surrounding Willey’s time painting and watch him in action. For more information on “The Good of the Hive” visit,