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While in High School

High School Programs & Partnerships

Mayland is proud to offer programs and partnerships that allow qualified high school juniors and seniors the opportunity to earn college credit. Courses allow students to fulfill high school graduation requirement and earn college credits. Whether you're looking for hands-on-training that aligns with your career goals or to earn transferable credit hours of general education classes to apply to a four-year degree, you can do it tuition free at Mayland.


  • Saves money on college tuition and lightens the future college course load
  • Assists with admission into future college of choice - demonstrates college readiness and rigor
  • Saves time and provides flexibility in college by completing credits in high school
  • Introduces the "college experience" to high school students which leads to a smoother transition to college
  • Develops students' college-level study habits and time-management skills
  • Provides a jumpstart to career plans, job training, skills and certifications
  • Leads to a higher paying bracket when enter the military with earned college credits

Ways to Participate

High school juniors and seniors in Avery, Mitchell and Yancey Counties can register to take college-level courses through Mayland.

Mayland Early College High School (MECHS)

Are you looking for a high school experience that provides independence and the chance to earn an associate degree or technical certificate? A supportive learning environment that ensures your success in college?

MECHS provides students with an early college high school experience by enabling them to earn 24-60 college credits while still in high school.

Targeted to students traditionally underrepresented in college, the program provides added academic support to help students succeed in rigorous high school and college credit courses. This concurrent enrollment program serves to increase high school graduation and college completion rates. 

MECHS students attend college classes at the Mayland campus.