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MCC Academic Excellence Awards

Mayland Community College Celebrates Academic Excellence and Financial Freedom with 100% Debt-Free Graduates in 2023

In a transformative era for education, where its value and outcomes are under intense scrutiny, Mayland Community College (MCC) emerges as a beacon of hope and pragmatic success. Standing on the robust pillars of academic excellence and financial empowerment, MCC proudly announces its recent prestigious accolades, underscoring its unwavering commitment to not just educating, but significantly improving the lives of its students and their families. Amid a national dialogue reevaluating the traditional college trajectory against a backdrop of escalating costs and uncertain post-graduation financial landscapes, MCC distinguishes itself not only through its academic achievements but also through a groundbreaking milestone: 100% of MCC students graduated debt-free in 2023, setting a remarkable precedent in education financing.

100% Debt-Free Graduates in 2023

MCC's Recent Accolades:

  • Ranked #3 in North Carolina by Best Colleges in their "Best Community Colleges" list.
  • Ranked #7 among the Top 47 Community Colleges in North Carolina by
  • Ranked #7 in North Carolina for our Practical Nursing Program by
  • Ranked #10 among the Best Community Colleges in the United States by The Best Schools.

These awards reflect MCC's dedication to opening not just academic doors but gateways to a financially secure future, challenging the prevailing narratives of graduates burdened by debt and financial constraints despite securing degrees and employment. In this climate, MCC stands out as a beacon of alternative, financially viable educational pathways aligned with both the aspirations of students and the practical financial concerns of their families.

Dr. John Boyd, President of Mayland Community College, reflects on this significant achievement, "In a time when the true value of education is under a microscope, our accolades echo our profound dedication not only to academic excellence but to a future where our students are positioned to secure their own homes, advance in their careers, and navigate their financial lives debt-free. MCC is more than a place of learning; it's a launchpad to financial freedom and success."

Why Consider MCC for Your Educational Journey?

  • Innovative Learning Pathways: Whether aiming for a 2-year degree or seeking a foundation for a 4-year degree, MCC's programs are tailored to propel students into successful careers or advanced studies with financial security.
  • Financial Empowerment and Stability: MCC embodies the investment in an education that yields tangible returns, enabling families to transform reduced tuition costs into significant savings towards financial independence.
  • A Gateway to Success: MCC ensures education is a doorway to opportunity, not a cycle of dependency, equipping students with the tools, resources, and support to confidently navigate their futures.

As we approach the Summer and Fall registration periods, we invite families to reevaluate their college choices in light of MCC's proven track of success. Let our accolades and our commitment to ensuring a debt-free graduation for all students guide you towards a financially savvy and academically enriching future. Choose MCC as the gateway to unlocking a brighter future for your child.

Additionally, we are excited to announce that scholarships for the upcoming academic year are now open until April 26th. Don't miss out on this opportunity to further support your educational journey with us.

For more information on joining the MCC family this Fall and to explore scholarship opportunities, visit or call 828.766.1234.