College and Career Promise benefits high school students

January 2018

Pictured is parent Kathy McCormick who has watched her children grow and learn through MCC’s Career and College Promise program. Pictured is parent Kathy McCormick who has watched her children grow and learn through MCC’s Career and College Promise program.

Kathy McCormick has watched her children grow and learn through Mayland Community College’s Career and College Promise Program. Four of McCormick’s nine children have participated in the program. 

“We home school our kids and this program allows them to earn credits for high school and college at the same time,” said McCormick. “A benefit I see, is that these classes have prepared them to succeed at a university in a big way. It is also a cost savings since the tuition is free.” 

McCormick’s first child to enroll in the dual program continued her education past MCC, transferring to Western Carolina University, then moving on to graduate with her Master’s degree in clinical nutrition as well as finish her chiropractic education this winter. She previously worked as a paramedic. 

McCormick’s sons also earned college and high school credits while developing a foundation for their college and business paths. Another daughter earned college credits as a high school student and continued in MCC’s cosmetology program to benefit her in the fashion field. Her cosmetology degree now serves her as she works in the field while attending Mars Hill University on a full scholarship. Currently, McCormick’s has another daughter enrolled at MCC, and a son who is expected to start his dual classes in the near future. 

“Mayland helped prepare my kids to be successful as they moved forward with their futures,” said McCormick. “I want my kids to find their niche. At Mayland, they have had great instructors, developed one-on-one relationships, and learned more than just course topics from the faculty. My kids were also able to meet the needs of being in a college class because of their experience at Mayland. This has worked really well for my family, and as a home school parent it gives your kids an opportunity to figure out the different expectations of college.”

Career and College Promise allows for North Carolina high school students to embark on a path to success in college or in a career. The program offers free tuition to all students who maintain a “B” average and meet other eligibility requirements. Through a partnership of the Department of Public Instruction, the N.C. Community College System, the University of North Carolina system and many independent colleges and universities, North Carolina is helping eligible high school students to begin earning college credit at a community college campus at no tuition cost to them or their families. 

“It’s really given my kids the confidence to continue their education, and they have carried the foundations they have learned while at Mayland with them. My goal is to have all my kids move through this program.”

Career and College Promise counselors are available at Mitchell, Avery, and Mountain Heritage High Schools. For more information on how this program benefits students visit