2017 edition of Gateways is now available

January 2018

2017 Gateways cover

Celebrate the submissions for the 2017 Gateways theme Innovate and Create by obtaining your copy of this free creative arts journal. You can pick up a copy at a Mayland learning center or request a copy at  gateways@mayland.edu.

Every issue of Gateways uses a central theme to draw together our diverse contributors and to inspire ideas for submissions. For 2018, our theme will be Remembering and Forgetting, both experiences that are closely tied to our region, a place where we often seek to remember the past, people, and experiences that we treasure, while at the same time, we often hope to forget other experiences, or perhaps just our troubles.

Just as people strive to remember the moments that we treasure, we hope you will remember to share your submissions with us in 2018, and just as people hope to forget their sorrows and stress, we hope you will forget any excuses that would keep you from sending your writing, artwork, and photography to us for the next edition. Please send along your artwork, poetry, fiction, essays, and any other piece concerning memory.

Our deadline for submissions for the 2018 edition is April 28, 2018.

Send us your artwork, poetry, fiction, essays, and any other creations. Print out an application here.

Further submission guidelines, requirements for artwork sizing, and a contributor’s form can be found at www.mayland.edu/gateways or by emailing gateways@mayland.edu. Share your creations and innovations with the Mayland Community in the 2018 Gateways.