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Open Door Admissions

Except as otherwise specified herein, the College maintains an open-door admission policy to all applicants who are legal residents of the United States and who are high school graduates or are at least eighteen (18) years of age.  The College shall not solicit or use information regarding the accreditation of a secondary school located in North Carolina that a person attended as a factor affecting admission to the College or to any program of study, loans, scholarships or other educational activity at the College unless the accreditation was not conducted by a State agency.  For purposes of this Policy, the term “accreditation” shall include certification or any other similar approval process.  Student admission processing and placement determination shall be performed by College officials.  Admission requirements for an emancipated minor shall be the same as for an applicant who is eighteen (18) years old or older.  Non-emancipated minors may be admitted and allowed to attend the College pursuant to 1D SBCCC 200.95.

The open-door policy does not mean there are no restrictions on admission into specific College programs.  Students shall be admitted into specific College programs when they demonstrate aptitude for these programs as determined by personal interest, academic background, placement tests and personal interviews.  If an academic deficiency exists, applicants will be given an opportunity to remove the deficiency by taking preparatory work.