MCC Foundation Scholarships

Endowed Scholarships

Endowed Scholarships create a lasting legacy at Mayland Community College. With a gift of $10,000 or more, students will receive scholarships from the interest of this invested donation into perpetuity. We are grateful for our generous donors who have given at this level.

Artez Nursing Scholarship
Buck Stove Scholarship
Ben and Dixie Glenn Farthing Nursing Scholarship
Carol Arthur Scholarship
Carol Cox Ingram Scholarship
C.D. Lawson Scholarship
Dent Memorial Scholarship
Dorothy Frances Snyder Scholarship
Dr. William Anspach, Jr.
Dr. and Mrs. William B. Norris Memorial Nursing Scholarship
Earl and Esther Wright Scholarship
E-H Ingram Endowment Scholarship
Elisha P. Honeycutt Scholarship
Foxx – Palmieri Scholarship
Geri Sue Vennerholm Memorial Scholarship
Goins Royer Family Scholarship
James and Inez Blevins Memorial Scholarship
James M. Rogers Scholarship
Jean Welch Scholarship
Juanita Young Memorial Scholarship
Lloyd Johnson Family Scholarship
Lloyd and Mildred Bryson Memorial Scholarship
Mary Jane Burleson Memorial GED Scholarship
Mary Ohle Scholarship
M.E. Burleson Memorial Nursing Scholarship
Michael A. Greene Scholarship
Mountain Air Residents Community Fund Scholarship
Paul and Beatriz Hicks Scholarship
Peter Bickett Scholarship
Ralph and Maxine Gwaltney Scholarship
Ronald L. Thiele Memorial Scholarship
Rotary Pete Deal/Don Smith Memorial Nursing Scholarship
Scotty George Wright Memorial Scholarship
Sharon Kuhne Memorial Scholarship
Spruce Pine Kiwanis Club Scholarship
St. Bernadette Catholic Church Scholarship
St. Lucien Catholic Church Scholarship
Thomas L. Ollis Memorial Nursing Scholarship
Thorensen Endowment Scholarship
Toyota Scholarship
Wes Sides GED Scholarship

In-House Scholarships

In-House scholarships are gifts that are below the $10,000 amount, all of which are given out each academic year. These scholarships make up a substantial amount that help provide MCC students with the opportunity to further their education every year!

ASOC Scholarship

Avery County Rotary GED Scholarship

Betty Van Barnes Cavanaugh Scholarship

Claire Atkins Memorial Scholarship

Coins for College Scholarship – Mayland Community College Employees

David and Yvonne Evans Scholarship

Democratic Women of Avery County Scholarship

Don Lorenz Memorial Scholarship

E-H Ingram Scholarship

Foundation Scholarship for Avery County Student

Gerald Hardesty Horticulture Scholarship

Lighthouse GED Scholarship

Linda “Butch” Woody GED Scholarship

Margaret Virginia Robinson Scholarship

Mary B. Napoi Memorial Nursing Scholarship

Mayland Community College Foundation Scholarship

Thorensen Foundation Scholarship

Tim Duncan Memorial Scholarship

Yancey County Scholarship

Yvonne Parker Hunter Memorial Scholarship

Zoe Ashlyn Ellis Memorial Scholarship

Intelligent Choice Awards – Awarded to one graduating senoir in the top ten of their class at each of the public high schools in Mayland’s service area. There is no application for this scholarship, it is strictly on the basis or merit and class rank.