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Leo Fact Sheet…Questions and Answers

How do I connect to the wireless network?

Connect to the wireless network “Mayland.” You will be prompted for a username and password. You will use your LEO username (e.g., jhemingway1999), without the @students.mayland.edu. 

Example: Username: jhemingway1999 Password: He072389

There is also a “Mayland-Guest” wireless network available for visitors.  It requires valid registration information and will have a limited (slower) connection. To connect a guest will be required to provide their name, email address and mobile/cell phone number. The email address and phone number will need to be correct as this is how they will receive their login information.

What is the web address for LEO?

leo.mayland.edu You do not need to include the (www.) in the front of the web address.

How do I find my login name and password?

LEO User ID = first initial + last name + last 4 digits of Student ID + domain name
Example: Student name: John Hemingway
Student ID: 0871999
LEO User ID: jhemingway1999@students.mayland.edu

If you need assistance determining your LEO User ID, please go to the following link:  http://tinyurl.com/helpLEOuserID

Initial Password = first 2 letters of last name + birthdate (First letter must be capitalized and birthdate is formatted mmddyy.)
Example: Student name: John Paul Hemingway
Birthdate: 07-23-1989
LEO Password: He072389

What is my LEO e-mail account?

Your LEO e-mail account will be your LEO User ID followed by @students.mayland.edu
Email Address = LEO User ID + domain name
Example: jhemingway1999@students.mayland.edu
*You should always sign out of your email and out of LEO.  Signing out of one does not sign you out of the other.*

What is my student ID number?

You can locate your student ID number above your name on your “My Class Schedule”. This schedule is located in the Academics Student (WebAdvisor) area on LEO.

How do I sign up for text alerts, including inclement weather closing announcements?

Login to LEO and select the tab for LEO-Regroup. If you get a message that your browser has blocked a pop-up, choose to “Allow Always”. Click on the tab labeled “Email/Phone”. You may enter or update your phone information in the section titled “Text and Voice Preferences”. You may enter or update your email information in the section titled “Email Preferences”. Your primary email address is your MCC email address. You cannot change your primary email address, but you have the option to specify additional email addresses. For each email address you add, you will have to click on the option to “Send Confirmation Message”. Regroup will send an email to each email address specified, requiring you to confirm. Be sure to log out of Regroup when you are finished. (“Log Out” is located in the upper right corner.) You may get an error message upon logging out of Regroup; please disregard. Remember to also log out of LEO. When you receive alerts from Regroup, the caller ID will show as “30890”. You can also call the Weather Hotline at 828.766.1213.

How do I register or drop and add classes on LEO?

Express Registration: Access the Class Schedule on the home page of LEO before you log-in. Find and copy the 5 or 6 digit SYN number (located next to the course number in the schedule) for each class you want to register for.  Now, log-in to your LEO account select the Academics tab, and then click Student (Web Advisor) located directly under the Academics heading. Once the WebAdvisor page loads look on the left-side for the Express Registration heading, from this screen you will only need to enter the SYN number in the first column, then scroll to the bottom and click submit.  Next, you will see a screen that lists each class you wish to register for, click the action button marked “register” beside each class the scroll to bottom of the screen and click submit. You should now see your schedule with “You have successfully registered for this section” beside each class. This means you have successfully completed registration for each class.* To confirm your class schedule we recommend that all students go to “My Class Schedule” and print a copy of their new class schedule.*

Drop/Add is also located in the WebAdvisor area of LEO. To drop a class select the class by checking the box beside the course name and scroll to the bottom of the screen click the submit button and wait for a confirmation screen. The confirmation screen will show that you have successfully dropped the course. To add a course, refer to express registration instructions above

How do I access my program evaluation?

To access the Program Evaluation log in to your LEO account. Select the Academics tab then click Students (WebAdvisor). Next, scroll down the left-side of the page and find Program Evaluation. Choose this heading and then select either an active program or use the drop down box to choose any of the programs offered at MCC.

Tuition, what do I owe?

Log in to your LEO account. Select the Academics tab then access the Student (WebAdvisor) area. Look on the bottom of the left-side of this page and find the heading “account summary by term”. Click this selection and you will see the tuition and fees that you owe. This does not include the cost of books and supplies.

Where can I view my financial aid information?

Log in to your LEO account. Select the Academics tab then access the Student (WebAdvisor) area. Look on the bottom of the left-side of this page and find the heading “Financial Aid Status by Term” or “Financial Aid Status by Year”. Choose which selection you wish to view, this will access what funds you have been awarded.

Where do I access my final grades?

Log in to your LEO account. Select the Academics tab then click on Student (Web-advisor). Choose the Grades heading on the left-side of the page.  Choose the semester you wish to view, and hit the submit button to process your request.

How can I contact my instructor or classmate?

Log in to your LEO account, select the Who’s Who tab at the top and type in the instructor’s/classmates name, this will bring up their name and title. Look to the right and there you will find the e-mail address.

How can I print my class schedule?

Log in to your LEO account. Select the Academics button at the top of the page, and then click on Student (WebAdvisor). Now scroll down the left-side of the page and find “My Class Schedule”. Choose this and then select the term you want to see for example: 2012FA for the (2012 Fall Semester) then click the submit button. This schedule includes your name and student ID #, course names, times and day of class, location and or room number, credit hours, and instructor name

How do I print my student/un-official transcript?

Log in to your LEO account. Select the Academics tab, then click Student (WebAdvisor). On the left-side of the page select the heading “Transcripts,” then choose Combined/CU/CE schedule and scroll the bottom of the screen and click the submit button. Now, you should see your student transcript which includes your final grades and GPA

How do I request an official Curriculum transcript?

Log in to your LEO account. Select the Academics tab then click Student (WebAdvisor). Look on the left-side of the page and find the heading “Request Transcript” from here you will need to complete the online form and submit payment for your request to be processed.*Official MCC Curriculum Transcripts are $5.00 per copy.*

If you need further assistance, contact Student Development at 828.766.1234.

Updated 11/10/2014