How To Play Piano by Ear (2.5 Hours) Zoom

Learn one of music's deepest mysteries:  how to play songs without relying on music.  A very practical presentation of music theory that includes predicting chord progressions, learning from recordings, and transposing-all expressed in everyday language. This is an ideal follow-up to the "Instant Piano" class and is open to anyone who has a basic understanding of chords on any instrument.  Expand your musical horizons, free yourself from sheet music dependence, and be the life of the party!  Prior experience with chords recommended.  Fee includes the online book, online follow-up lessons, a recording of the class and an optional monthly question and answer session.  Class is held online using Zoom.  Age 13+

11/30, Sa., 10:00 a.m.-12:30 p.m.
$70                                  Instructor:  Coffman
Yancey                            828.682.7315

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