GEER 2020-2021 Scholarship Information

GEER FUNDING SCHOLARSHIPS The Governor’s Emergency Education Relief (GEER) Funds Scholarship provides scholarships for eligible students who enroll in workforce training programs that lead to a state or industry-recognized credential. The scholarships help cover all costs associated with these programs, including registration fees, books, fees, supplies credentialing tests, transportation, or other costs. Mayland has been awarded $168,857 for these scholarships and we can utilize these funds until September 30, 2022. Student Eligibility Requirements Eligible students applying for this scholarship must:

  1. Be a resident of North Carolina
  2. Be enrolled in a course that is at least 96 hours or more and leads to a state or industry-recognized credential.
  3. Be enrolled in one of the following ten programs of study:
  • Automotive                                  •Aircraft Maintenance
  • Construction                                •Criminal Justice
  • Emergency Medical Services      •Healthcare
  • Industrial/Manufacturing              •Information Technology
  • Transportation                              •Fire and Rescue Services

Note: Colleges have local flexibility to add additional Pathways to meet local workforce needs. There are no income limits or requirements for this scholarship.

Payment of Scholarship:

The scholarship is designed so that the student will not have any out-of-pocket expenses. All fees due at the time of registration will be paid by the scholarship, with the balance to be released to the student after they complete the 10% point of the class. We have calculated the entire costs for our certification classes, including shots, certification exams, licensing fees, etc. The funds the student receives after the 10% point are for the balance of these costs.

Application Process:

Students will need to complete a GEER scholarship application. Students should contact the campus where they plan to take their class to get their name on the list for that class. Next, contact Ted Ollis at 828.766.1297 or to apply for the scholarship. Ted will email each campus a copy of the application so that students can complete it while they are on site. Students need to meet with Ted before the application is processed. Ted will email the application to the student or meet in person. Please click the link to access the GEER 2020-2021 Student Application.