Associate Degree Nursing Program

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The deadline to apply is May 15.

The Associate Degree Nursing Program is a two-year program (five semesters). Prospective students must apply during the appropriate dates before the fall semester they wish to enter the program.  Graduates of this program will be eligible to apply to take the National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX-RN) which is required to practice as a Registered Nurse.

Because of limited enrollment, students must complete an admissions process that determines which students will be accepted into the program.  Admission to the Associate Degree Nursing Program is limited and based on a competitive ranking system. Students who have completed the application process and meet all requirements for admission will be placed in rank order according to the number of points accumulated.  Students who wish to transfer into the ADN program must contact the Director of Health Sciences.

After acceptance, students are required to submit health, immunization, and CPR documentation.  Students must consent to a criminal background check and urine drug screen prior to attending clinicals. Information about the required documentation is included in the acceptance packet and must be submitted to the Health Sciences Admissions/Retention Advisor prior to beginning the program.

The admission requirements for the ADN program include the following:

  1. Submit a current MCC Application for Admission.
  2. Review the ADN Information Packet and submit an ADN program application.
  3. Submit a high school transcript or state-approved equivalent education diploma.
  4. Prove proficiency with previous college courses or achieve minimum scores on the placement tests in algebra, reading, and English. The placement tests must be taken within seven years of application for admission to the nursing program.
  5. Prove proficiency in chemistry and biology with either previous college course work or proficiency exam. Student must earn a “C“or better.
  6. Take the required entrance exam and receive benchmarked scores.
  7. Have at least a 2.5 overall grade point average.
  8. Complete all algebra, chemistry, and biology courses within seven years prior to application.
  9. Any applicant who has a mental or physical disability or uses any drug to a degree that interferes with his or her fitness to practice nursing may be denied entrance into the nursing program, dismissed from the nursing program, or denied licensure.
  10. Students must present a certificate as a Nurse Aide I from a community college or from a North Carolina high school health occupations class, and be currently listed with the North Carolina Division of Facility Services with no substantiated findings.
  11. Students must prove proficiency in fundamental CNA nursing skills by return demonstrations within the first two weeks of nursing school.