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Looking up for Gateways 2021

Every issue of Gateways uses a central theme to draw together our diverse contributors and to inspire ideas for submissions. For 2021, even the numbers themselves are counting upward, showing movement to the future, and with all the chaos of 2020, we are hopeful and planning for a bright 2021. With that in mind, our 2021 theme will be Looking Up, a reminder to physically raise our eyes to the heavens, whether we are at Mayland’s beautiful Earth to Sky Park or in our own front yards. It is also a reminder to see the good, even when we face obstacles. We must look up to move forward, with both our eyes and our attitudes. Without our amazing contributors, Gateways could not exist, so we hope you will join us in 2021 as we work together to create something beautiful and unique. We need your writing, artwork, and photography to create the next edition. Gatewaysrelies on an array of contributions from our students, staff, faculty, and friends in our community and beyond. So join us in 2021, as we look forward, look ahead, and look up.

Our deadline for submissions for the 2021 edition is April 28, 2021. Further submission guidelines, requirements for artwork sizing, and a contributor’s form can be found by clicking here or by emailing Look up with us by contributing to the 2021 Gateways.
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