Gardens and Trails

Explore the gardens and trails at the Earth to Sky Park! Learn about various plants and pollinators who live in the gardens as you enjoy a leisurely stroll. Want a more strenuous hike? Take the woodland trail from the back of the Arthur Planetarium up to the Bare Dark Sky Observatory. Dogs are welcome!

Pollinator Meadow

The pollinator meadow is located near the entry way into the Earth to Sky Park and includes a variety of pollinator friendly flowers and vegetation as well as two rain gardens that collect water and are home to more marshland plants. The pathway, which is shaped butterfly wings are centered upon the Ed and Becky Anderson Outdoor Classroom and the Bob and Wanda Proffitt Viewing Terrace. Enjoy the scenery and mountain breeze as you sit at the viewing terrace or bring a group for a discussion or lesson at the outdoor classroom. The pollinator meadow trail is made up of fine gravel and is handicap accessible, but is not ideal for wheelchair users.

Moon Gardens

Moon gardens surround the Bare Dark Sky Observatory and are home to various plants that show up well in the moonlight due to their white flowers or light colored foliage. Explore many native plants and see if you can find the Evening Primrose Vine, whose flowers only open at dusk and are the host plant for Primrose moths, one of many nighttime pollinators found at the Park. The moon gardens may be viewed all around the Observatory building, including from the sidewalk and ramp, however, other portions are not handicap or wheelchair accessible.

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