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Three Peaks Enrichment Center

The Three Peaks Enrichment Center, formerly known as Pine Bridge Coliseum, will become a vibrant center of activity in downtown Spruce Pine in the coming years. Mayland Community College acquired the Pine Bridge Coliseum and Inn in 2015 and renovations are under way to transform them to both College and Community space.

The old Coliseum pool complex was demolished in 2018 and a new roof was installed in Spring 2019. A new parking lot surrounding the Center will be completed in Spring 2020. Mayland Community College is working alongside Blue Ridge Resource Conservation & Development through a grant and private dollars to ensure that the rain water from the roof of the building and the parking lot does not end up in the Toe River. This will be accomplished through a series of holding ponds that filter the water and once Three Peaks is complete, water from the roof will help fill the chill towers that will cool the building.

Renovations inside the Three Peaks Enrichment Center will begin with the Cosmetology Program and will consist of a commercial salon and classroom space. This will offer Mayland students enrolled in the Cosmetology program a professional environment in which to learn their art and provide customers with top level services. Construction on the Cosmetology Department will begin in early 2020 with an estimated completion date of Spring 2021.

Located above the Cosmetology Department is the Resource Center for Entrepreneurs (RCE). Funded through several grantors, the RCE will be operated by Mayland Community College and provides local entrepreneurs a place to receive assistance from the MCC Small Business Center. It will have computer access that will help connect entrepreneurs to other Mayland services and software. It will provide assistance for entrepreneurs with meeting space and access to office equipment. There will be a photo room for artists to professionally photograph their work for marketing purposes.