MCC Board of Directors

MCC Foundation Mission

The mission of the Mayland Community College Foundation is to support, strengthen, and advance the work of Mayland Community College.

MCC Foundation Board of Directors

Foundation Board of Directors

The MCC Foundation is a non-profit 501 (c) (3) organization whose mission is to support, strengthen, and advance the work of Mayland Community College. Volunteers from the College’s service area and beyond serve on the Foundation Board of Directors to raise funds and cultivate friends for the College. Their efforts are evident in special projects at the College, events in the community, scholarships for students, and various capital projects.

Currently Serving:

Ms. Nancy Ball, Mitchell County
Dr. John Boyd, MCC President
Ms. Amanda Buchanan, VP Administrative Services, MCC
Mrs. Nancy Burleson, Trustee Representative, Mitchell County
Mr. Jeff Davis, Avery County
Ms. Margaret Earley-Thiele, Executive Director, Mayland Community College Foundation
Mr. Albert G. Folcher, Jr., Yancey County
Ms. Sally Folcher, Yancey County
Mr. Scott Reece, Mitchell County
Mrs. Brywn Philips, Yancey County
Mr. Jesse Pope, Avery County
Ms. Wanda Proffitt, Trustee Representative, Yancey County
Ms. Edwina Sluder, Trustee Representative, Avery County
Mr. Claude Smith, President, At Large Representative
Ms. Carolyn Munro Wilson, Mitchell County


MCC Foundation Policies and By-Laws

MCC Foundation By-laws

Conflict of Interest

Financial Management Policy

Fundraising Policy

Donor Bill of Rights

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