Important Announcements

2021-2022 NC Childcare Assistance Program

At this time, Mayland has not received our 2021-2022 funding allotment for our NC Childcare Assistance program. As soon as we are aware of the our funding allotment, we will be sure to get the 2021-2022 NC Childcare Assistance applications open for students to complete and submit to our office.

CAREs Act Student Emergency Funds

From recent conversations through the media, you all may be aware that the Federal government has designated a portion of the CAREs Act as Emergency Funds to be disbursed to students as emergency financial aid grants. The purpose of these emergency financial aid grants is to help cover expenses related to the disruption of campus operations due to coronavirus.

For updated information in regard to CAREs Act Emergency Funds, please visit

For more information regarding the coronavirus, please visit our Coronaivirus Update web page at

Fall 2021 Financial Aid Disbursement Schedule

(Disbursement dates to be added soon)

Month Course Start Dates Scheduled Refund Date

Financial aid will be disbursed based upon the start date of each course.

Following are common situations that result in the reduction of financial aid:
  • Student is attempting a previously passed course for the third time.
  • Student is taking a course that is not part of his/her program of study.
  • Student is issued a no show grade.
  • Student officially withdraws or is administratively withdrawn.
  • Student is enrolled in the Welding Technology Diploma or Practical Nursing Diploma (PN). These programs are subject to the Department of Education’s clock hour to credit hour conversion, making the programs eligible for partial financial aid.
  • Student is enrolled in the Basic Law Enforcement Training Certificate (BLET). This program is subject to the Department of Education’s clock hour calculations, which means the student will receive financial aid based on their hours of completion for the program.

Class attendance directly impacts financial aid eligibility.

**Scheduled refund dates are subject to change.