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Teaching Excellence Nomination

It’s time again to honor one of MCC’s outstanding faculty with the MCC Teaching Excellence award. We are fortunate to have a variety of excellent teachers so it is hard to choose just one person for this honor. Our last winner was Beth Ellis who teaches Communication & Humanities.

The winner of the award is honored in various ways:

  1. Monetary award of $500
  2. Article about the winner appears on the MCC website and in local newspapers
  3. Acknowledgement with the award of a plaque or certificate
  4. Recognition at a Mayland Community College Board of Trustee’s Meeting

To learn more about the Teaching Excellence Award and to find the nomination form please visit the MCC website at Teaching Excellence - Mayland Community College.

Nominations are being accepted beginning 03/08/23 until the deadline of MONDAY, MARCH 27, 2023.