Faculty & Staff Directory

First Name Last Namesort descending Position Title Department Email Telephone
John Boyd President President's Office jboyd@mayland.edu 828.766.1269
Janet Brooks Adult Education / Basic Skills Instructor Adult Education / Basic Skills jbrooks@mayland.edu 828.766.1374
Steve Buchanan Computer Services Support Specialist Information Technology sbuchanan@mayland.edu 828.766.1192
Amanda Buchanan Director, Financial Services Administrative Services albuchanan@mayland.edu 828.766.1224
Morgan Burk Biology Faculty Faculty mburk@mayland.edu 828.766.1309
Brooke Burleson Executive Administrative Assistant President's Office bburleson@mayland.edu 828.766.1269
Tiffany Burleson CNA Coordinator Economic and Workforce Development / Continuing Education tburleson@mayland.edu 828.766.1337
Kim Burleson Administrative Assistant, Vice President Administrative Services kburleson@mayland.edu 828.766.1221
Kimberly Burr Dean, Health & Public Services Academics and Student Development kburr@mayland.edu 828.766.1359
Debra Cagle Administrative Assistant Student Development dcagle@mayland.edu 828.766.1263