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College Transfer Pathway

College Transfer Pathways provide tuition-free course credits towards the Associate in Arts-P1012C, Associate in Science-P1042C, Associate in General Education-NursingP1032C, and a four-year degree. CTP pathways contain a minimum of 23-30 hours of college transfer credit- tuition free. Classes identified in the College Transfer Pathways will transfer seamlessly (with a course grade of C or higher) to any North Carolina public university as well as participating private colleges/universities. Pathways in this category provide tuition free credit to qualified high school juniors and seniors leading to Associate degree designed for transfer to a 4-year institution.

Meet with a High School Liaison or see www. for eligibility.

CTP Options

  • Associate in Arts Pathway
  • Associate in Science Pathway
  • Associate in Arts-Teacher Preparation Pathway
  • Associate in Science-Teacher Preparation Pathway
  • Associate in General Education-Nursing Pathway