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CNC Machine Tool Programmer

Welding Technology program prepares students for employment in welding and metalworks. Students will learn skills in construction, manufacturing, fabrication, and entrepreneurial areas.

The Welding and Machining Processes program is an industry focused study in both welding and machining. Upon completion students will become skilled workers – able to advance in manufacturing careers.


Degrees, Diplomas & Certificates
Basic Law Enforcement Training (C55120), Certificate
Transfer Options for Associate in Applied Science Degrees
Business Administration
Business Administration (D25120), Diploma
Business Administration (C25120),Certificate
Computer Engineering Technology
Computer Engineering Technology (C40160), Certificate
Cosmetology (D55140), Diploma
Cosmetology (C55140), Certificate
Criminal Justice Technology
Criminal Justice Technology (C55180), Certificate
Electronics Engineering Technology
Electronics Engineering Technology (C40200), Certificate
General Occupation Technology - RN to BSN Pathway
RN to BSN Pathway (A55280N), Associate of Applied Science
General Occupation Technology - Welding and Machining Processes
Welding and Machining Processes (A55280W), Associate of Applied Science
Human Services Technology
Human Services Technology (C45380), Certificate
Information Technology
Computer Programming (C25590), Certificate
Industry Recognized Information Technology Certifications
Medical Assisting
Medical Assisting (D45400), Diploma
Medical Assisting (C45400), Certificate
Medical Office Administration (C45400A), Certificate
Associate Degree Nursing
Associate Nursing Degree - Advanced Placement (A45110A)
Practical Nursing
Welding Technology
Basic Welding (C50420B), Certificate
Intermediate Welding (C50420I), Certificate
Associate in Arts Degree (A10100)
Associate in General Education Nursing (A1030N)
Associate in Science Degree (A10400)
Career and College FAQS for Parents and Students
Career and College Promise
Emergency Medical Technician
CNC Machine Tool Programmer
Medical Coding
Pharmacy Technician
Real Estate Broker Program
Veterinarian Assistant
Therapeutic Massage
Sports Medicine Technology
Certified Solidworks
Nurse Assistant
Manufacturing Technician
Electrical Technician
Small Engine Repair
Licensed Practical Nurse to Associate Degree Nursing Option
High School Pathways Mitchell County
High School Programs Avery County
High School Programs Yancey County
Associate in Arts Teacher Preparation Degree (A1010T)
Associate in Science Teacher Preparation Degree (A1040T)
Applied Engineering Technology
Applied Engineering Technology - Design (D40130D), Diploma
Applied Engineering Technology - Machining (D40130M), Diploma
Machining Processes (C40130M), Certificate
Mechanical Design (C40130D), Certificate
Mechatronics (C40130E), Certificate

Career & Professional Training

State & National Credentials
Reflexology and the Unknown Body Map (6 Hours)
Class B CDL Training (154 Hours) HYBRID
Textured Wide Link Sterling Bracelet (4 Hours)
Address Signs/ Yard Art (2 Hours)
Paralegal Studies Program
CSWA: Certified Solidworks Associate (150 Hours) Zoom
Paramedic to AAS-Emergency Medical Science Bridge Program
Introduction to Home Assistant (8 Hours)
Sterling Silver Wire Flower Pendant with Stone (4 Hours)
Pharmacy Technician (99 Hours)
High Country Tai Chi (10.5 Hours)
Wildlife Plaque (6 Hours)
Phlebotomy (220 Hours)
Resin Relief Overlay on Stretched Canvas (6 Hours)
Sterling Silver Drop Earring with Stone (4 Hours)
Plumbing 101: Just the Basics (24 Hours)
Beginner’s Photography (9 Hours)
Versatile Acrylics (20 Hours)
Seasonal Landscapes Window Hanging (2 Hours)
Wooden Pattern Barn Quilt (24 Hours)
Machining I (48 Hours)
Watercolor…Simply WOW! (8 Hours)
It is a Crash Course in QuickBooks (12 Hours)
Class Two: Basic Computer Skills (12 Hours)
Nurturing Mind and Body (10.5 Hours)
Native Snakes of the High Country (6 Hours)
Small Engine Repair (96 Hours)
Instant Piano for Hopelessly Busy People (3 Hours) (Zoom)
Basic Electrical for Diesel (112 Hours)
Instant Guitar for Hopelessly Busy People (2.5 Hours) (Zoom)
Holistic Animal Husbandry (7 Hours)
Beginner’s Fly-Tying Class (3 Hours)
Beekeeping—Basic (24 Hours)
Introduction to Fly-Fishing Class (3 Hours) FREE
Beekeeping—Advanced (3 Hours)
Chainmaille Earrings (4 hours)
Beekeeping—Queen Rearing (2 Hours)
Beginner Chainmaille Jewelry (12 Hours)
Massage Therapy (550 Hours)
Maneuvering This New World With Your Teen (6 Hours)
Collective Landscaping Project Series: Learn, Create, Plant
Intro to Craft Butchery (8 Hours)
Roadmap to Re-entry (12 Hours)
Intermediate Craft Butchery (6 Hours)
Class Five: Personal Budget Workshop (15 Hours)
Frill Free Fundamentals Flow Yoga (12 Hours)
Advanced Craft Butchery (6 Hours)
HVAC/R Level I (192.5 Hours)
Veterinary Assisting (144 Hours)
Water/Wastewater Continuing Education Credits (6 Hours)
Crochet (12 Hours)
Beginners Acrylic Abstracts (24 Hours)
Welding Wonders: DIY Repairs for Home & Farm (24 Hours)
Productive Late Fall/Winter Garden (3 Hours)
Quilting (24 Hours)
Leaded Stained Glass (12 Hours)
Invasive Plants? (7.5 Hours)
Fire & Rescue Classes
Lazy Bee Honeycomb (6 Hours)
Computer Basics (24 Hours)
Summer Cover Cropping Systems (7.5 Hours)
March Madness Mascot Mayhem (6 Hours)
Welding Wonders: DIY Repairs for Home & Farm (24 Hours)
General Contractors License Renewal (8 Hours)
Wire Flower Pendant with Stone (4 Hours)
The Art and Science of Tea Blending (8 Hours) (In-Person & Zoom)
Be My Valentine (2 Hours)
Blacksmithing: Sharpen Your Skills (30 Hours)
Be my Valentine Platter or Sconce (2 Hours)
Tomahawk Forging & Bushcraft Knives (30 Hours)
Wooden Spoon Carving (15 Hours)
Light Up the Night—Lanterns (2 Hours)
Light Up the Night – Night Lights or Tealight Pair (2 Hours)
Welding Skills for the Farm Advanced (24 Hours)
Vibrant Platters (2 Hours)
Class Three: Resume Workshop (3 Hours)
Prepare for AAPC Medical Coding (150 Hours)
Wind Chimes (2 Hours)
Personal Financial Management (6 Hours) (Online)
Pediatric CPR (4 Hours)
Bezel Set Ring – Medium Stone (4 Hours)
EMT Basic
Employability Skills (6 Hours) (Online)
EMT Advanced
Soil Series
What it's Like to be a Bird - Breeding, Feeding, Flying & More! (6 Hours)
Introduction to Sports Broadcasting (18 Hours)
Stick Welding 101 (24 Hours)
Swing Dancing (8 Hours)
Drop Earring with Stone (4 Hours)
Microsoft Word, Beyond the Basics (24 Hours)
Fused Glass–Leaves in Relief Plates (2 Hours)
Landscape Series
Meditation (4 Hours)
Beginner’s Woodworking: Build a Custom Bench (12 Hours)
Tig Welding (30 Hours)
Relief Meditation (4 Hours)
System Series
Criminal Justice In-Service
Sketchbooking (8 Hours)
Quilting (24 Hours)
Stained Glass Mosaics Class (12 Hours)
Haunted Appalachian (4 Hours)
Advanced EMT
Medical Coding (150 Hours)
Electrical I (96 Hours)
Hybrid Advanced EMT to Paramedic
High Country Photography (17.5 Hours)
Auto Dealer Initial Licensing (12 Hours)
Auto Dealer License Renewal (6 hours)
Beginner Conversational Spanish (24 Hours)
Auto Safety Inspection (8 Hours)
Community CPR (4 Hours)
Basic Gunsmithing: Understanding Basic Firearms Systems (24 Hours)
Preparing Your Honeybees for Winter (3 Hours)
Craft Butchery Series with Butcher AJ Nowell
Nutritional Dietary Manager Part I (120 Hours)
High Country Birding 101 (6 Hours)
Excel for the Beginner (24 Hours)
Paralegal Certificate Studies Program (330 Hours)
Phlebotomy Technician (222 Hours)
Exam Prep (3 Hours)
Art of Networking Using Social Media (9 Hours)
Welding Wonders: DIY Repairs for Home & Farm (24 Hours)
Working Smart (30 Hours)
Introduction to Artificial Intelligence (AI) (24 Hours)
Carpentry-NCCER (235 Hours)
Summer Camps for Kids!
Mental Health First Aid Certification (8 Hours) (Hybrid)
Certified Production Technician (160 Hours) (Zoom)
Farming & Homesteading Classes
Sports Medicine Technology (Personal Trainer Certification) (300 Hours)
Manufacturing Fundamentals (96 Hours) MCC Certificate (Zoom)
Intermediate Photography (10 hours)
Commercial Drone-Emergency Personnel (24 Hours)
Class One: Career Planning & Assessment (6 Hours)
Let's Start at the Beginning—A Basics of Yoga Series (8 Hours)
Class Four: Interview Workshop (3 Hours)
Plant Stakes (2 Hours)
Introduction to Electrical Wiring (48 Hours)
Personal Budget Workshop (15 Hours)
Dialysis Technician (138 Hours) (In-Person & Zoom)
Basic Computer Skills (12 Hours)
EKG Technician (104 Hours)
Electrical Contractor License Renewal (8 Hours)
Pharmacy Technician Work Based Learning (50 Hours)
Electrical Technician I (185 Hours)
Commercial Drone Piloting—Emergency Personnel (29 Hours)
Work-Based Learning Nutritional Dietary Manager Part 2 (150 Hours)
Mastering Test Taking Skills (3 Hours)
Resume and Interview Workshop (6 Hours)
Central Sterile Processing Technician (96 Hours)
Skills for Remote Workers (4 Hours)
Hand-Lettering Mastery (9 Hours) (In-Person & Zoom)
Tomahawk Forging (12 Hours)
Industrial Maintenance (165 Hours)
Keeping Bees, Is It For You? (3 Hours)
Charcoal and Pastels (10 Hours)
Get Wired! Intro to Electrical (24 Hours)
Welding (96 Hours)
Community CPR (4 Hours)
Crochet (12 Hours)
Nursing Faculty Training (Online)
Basic Gunsmithing: Understanding Basic Firearms Systems Personnel (24 Hours)
Beginner Chainmaille Earrings (4 Hours)
Woodworking: Build a Custom Bench (12 Hours)
Introduction to Laser Cutting (21 Hours)
Conversational Spanish (24 Hours)
Digital Photography: The Next Step (21 Hours)
Keratin Smoothing Therapy (8 Hours)
Adobe CC Training Bundle: InDesign, Illustrator, & Photoshop (48 Hours) (Zoom)
Dental Assisting (DA I)
Medical Coding (177 Hours)
Graphic Design Masterclass (21 Hours) (In-Person & Zoom)
Avery County Fire & Rescue Classes
Create Your Own Website Using WordPress (24 Hours) (Zoom)
Mitchell County Fire & Rescue Classes
Microdermabrasion (8 Hours)
Yancey County Fire & Rescue Classes
Introduction to Construction Trades (4 Hours)
Gelli Plate Printing with Botanicals (6 Hours)
Building Tiny: Construction (200 Hours)
Introduction to Professional Hospitality (4 Hours)
ServSafe Manager (16 Hours)
Introduction to Early Childhood EDU3119 (70 Hours) (Zoom)
Basic Soldering—Earrings (4 Hours)
Seasonal Landscapes (2 Hours)
Eco Printing: Steam Method (4 Hours)
Notary (8 Hours)
Hollow Silver Plate Flatware Pendant (3 Hours)
Flower Garden (2 Hours)
Nurse Aide (170 Hours)
Water/Wastewater Continuing Education Credits
Sterling Silver Stacked Ring Trio (4 Hours)
Crazy Quilts (2 Hours)
Stained Glass (12 Hours)
Sterling Silver Wire Loop Linked Bracelet (4 Hours)
Christmas Ornaments (2 Hours)
Large Bezel Set Stone Ring (4 Hours)
Stained Glass Kaleidoscope (4.5 Hours)
Spinner/ Fidget Ring (4 Hours)
Youth Mental Health First Aid (4.5 Hours)
Silver Leaf Earrings (4 Hours)
Decorative Welding (4 Hours)
Seasonal Landscapes (2 Hours)
Medication Aide (24 Hours)
Fused Glass—Vibrant Platters (2 Hours)

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