Veterinarian Assistant

What is a Veterinarian Assistant?

Learn to provide care for animals in a professional setting including how to properly bathe, feed, exercise animals, sanitize animal examination and living environments.  Also, under the supervision of a Veterinarian, the assistant will sterilize surgical instruments and equipment, restrain animals during procedures, and assist in the collection of urine, blood, and tissue samples.

Vet assistant with little boy and puppy.

Why choose Veterinarian Technician at MCC?

  • Be prepared to enter the work field in a short amount of time
  • Learn from a certified Veterinarian Technician
  • Hands-on learning experiences

Vet Assistant with puppy

Veterinarian Assistant Career Statistics

The median pay is $27,000 per year with a projected growth rate of 19%. (O*NET Online)

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