Dialysis Technician (132 Hours)

Dialysis machine
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This course is designed to prepare individuals with the theoretical, technical, and clinical skills needed to maintain equipment and provide patient care to those being treated for chronic renal diseases.  Successful completion of this course will prepare the individual for employment as a dialysis technician in hospitals, renal dialysis facilities, and clinics.  Upon completion, students may be eligible to sit for a national exam.   


Training Includes:  

  • Anatomy and physiology of the kidney 
  • The principles, processes, and the history of dialysis 
  • The role of the dialysis technician and his/her part of a dialysis patient care team 
  • Differentiate between acute and chronic renal failure, discussing causes of each 
  • How ESRD affects the patient physically, psychologically, socially, and emotionally 
  • Identify the nutritional needs of the ESRD patient 
  • Identify related diagnostic tests and treatment modalities 
  • Discuss the types of vascular access and how to care for them 
  • Utilize standard precautions and aseptic technique and follow OSHA guidelines 
  • Implement safety and emergency measures for dialysis patients and self 
  • Correctly assess the patient’s vital signs and weight 
  • Calculate weight gain and target loss for the hemodialysis patient and correctly program the machine 
  • Prepare the dialysis machine for the hemodialysis patient, including setting up, testing, recirculating, setting parameters, taking down, cleaning, and disinfecting 
  • Prepare packs and basins, correctly drawing up and labeling saline syringes  
  • Check blood sugars prn and identify the normal range 
  • Discuss the methods of measuring the effectiveness and adequacy of dialysis   


Admissions Requirements:  

  • Must be at least 18 years of age 
  • Provide proof of high school completion (High school transcripts, copy of high school diploma, or copy of the completion of GED requirements) 
  • Provide documentation of complete immunization records including proof of MMR 1 and 2 or individual titers, current TB test, varicella infection by the medical record, varicella titer, or varicella immunization if the titer is negative, proof of hepatitis B vaccine or signed MCC waiver 
  • Tetanus and flu shots for some clinical sites 


Cost of Class: 

  • Tuition/Registration $180 
  • Liability insurance $13 
  • Text $ 55 (subject to change)  
  • Cost of CPR card  
  • Optional accident insurance $1.20 


Other Fees: 

  • Drug screening for clinical site 
  • Background check for clinical site 
  • Cost of Certification exam


For more information about this class call the Yancey Learning Center at 828.682.7315.


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