Class One: Introduction to Social Media Marketing (2.5 Hours)

Class One: Introduction to Social Media Marketing (2.5 Hours)  

Make sense of social media and use it to increase business traffic and sales! This class will help you understand how social media marketing can benefit your small business. Class one will explore the various social media sites, basic terminology, and an overview of how social media marketing works.  

3/6, T, 5:30-8:00 p.m.  
Fee Waived

Spruce Pine Main Street Visitor's Center 828.766.1295 

How to Register for a Class: To register online, go to and click the “Location” drop down menu to select “At Center.” From the “Center” drop down box select “Mayland Community College Small Business Center.” Once the location and center are entered click “search” to view seminars. Click the register button to sign up! Register via phone by calling (828) 766-1295.