College Preparation

Pre-College Programs offers free classes to help students prepare for success in college or further training. Free classes are offered at our Learning Labs locations in Mitchell, Avery, and Yancey Counties, providing instruction in reading comprehension, writing and sentence skills, and mathematics skills to help students prepare for higher education. Classes are available to adults age 18 and above or for students as young as 16 with notarized documentation from parents and public/private/home school officials. Some College Prep options may be available through our Fast Track Online Class.


New student registration happens monthly. Call the Learning Lab most convenient for you to find out the next date and time.

Avery Learning Center 828.766.1384

Mitchell Campus 828.766.1328

Yancey Campus 828.766.1374

Fast Track Online 828.766.1326


For more information about free College Preparation classes, call 828.766.1327 or email