Certified Production Technician Hybrid Course (160 Hours) NEW!

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The Certified Production Technician curriculum covers safety, quality practices and measurement, manufacturing and production processes, and maintenance awareness. The course prepares you to pass the four exams required to receive the Certified Production Technician (CPT) certification from the Manufacturing Skills Standard Council (MSSC), which is included in the cost of the class. You’ll participate in a combination of instructor-led online computer modules and self-guided online study.


Students completing this course receive:
• The national industry-recognized core skill certification, Certified Production Technician from the Manufacturing Skill Standards Council (MSSC)
• A guaranteed job interview with Pratt &Whitney in Asheville, NC.
• Blueprints and building plans
• Hands-on building opportunities


Admission Requirements:
• Provide proof of high school completion (high school transcripts, copy of high school diploma, or copy of the completion of GED requirements) OR demonstrate reading proficiency at or above 10-grade reading level by college transcripts, a computerized placements test or the CASAS reading test


Cost of Class:
• Tuition/Registration: $180
• MSSC Fees including registration and
assessment fees $440



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