How to Apply for Services

Includes training funds for short and long term classes as well an intensive services to assist in obtaining employment

Feel free to ask for help obtaining documents

Gather the following documents:

  • Social Security Card – We cannot enroll without a copy of your card. We can supply an application for a new card if you do not have one.
  • Driver’s License with current address
  • Birth Certificate – The courthouse can help you get a copy if you don’t have it
  • Selective Service Registration – Men are required to register for selective service at age 18. Verification for those registered can be printed at

Other documents that may be needed if applicable:

  • Food Stamp Verification (DSS will fax if you call). Fax to 828.682.7563 for Yancey, 828.766.1286 for Mitchell, 828.737.5480 for Avery. Ask them to put ATTN: WIOA on it. This is used to prove you receive food stamps and are therefore low income. You do not necessarily have to be low income to qualify.
  • Dislocated Workers-Verification of permanent layoff – You must bring in either the letter you received from your employer notifying you of your layoff OR contact the employer and ask for written verification that you were laid off through no fault of your own
  • Adult-Income Verification – (If working) Need verification of income for the last six months either through check stubs or statement of earnings from the employer.

Take needed assessments:

  • Basic Skills Assessment Scores – Need actual score AND grade level equivalency. We can help you set this up if you have not already taken a basic skills test. Select from the following:
    • Accuplacer – College Placement Test
    • TABE – Can be taken in the Learning Lab at MCC
    • CASAS – Also available in the learning lab
    • Key Train Pre-Tests
  • Recipients MUST conduct labor market research (prevailing wage, local employment opportunities, etc.) in the training field of their choice to include employer interviews and job shadowing experiences. CNA training requires contact with a potential employer. Medical fields require a backup plan in which to apply classes if you are not accepted. This information must be shared with Mayland Workforce Development Programs.
  • Recipients must complete a workshop before WIOA will be able to assist with training. Workshop content will include career assessments, budgeting, CRC assessments, resume writing and other pre-employment skills.

For further information, contact your local NCWorks Career Center at:

Avery County: 828.737.5419   Mitchell County:  828.766.1195   Yancey County: 828.682.6618