Chainmaille Series with Lynn McKinney: Practical Applications of Chainmaille (9 Hours) NEW!

Chainmaille has recently been popularized in jewelry applications but was originally used for making armor. It can even be used to create sculptures or to make heat shields for exoplanetary rovers! Students will learn how to weave European 4 in 1, Japanese 12 in 2, and scale mail for use in making armor or sculpture. Students will learn to use the European 4 in 1 weave with butted rings, which can later be used to create decorative armor items such as a shirt, coif, or leather-laced bracers suitable for costuming or LARP. Increasing and decreasing, joining of pieces, and shaping will be covered. Also use Japanese 12 in 2  weaves to create sculptural elements, including free-form or box shapes.


7/28/20-8/4/20, TTh, 5:00 pm-8:00 pm

$50 plus $25 supply fee         Instructor: McKinney

Yancey                                              828.682.7315