Beekeeping-Basic (24 Hours)

Honeybee on lavender

Join Rick Harty, NCSBA Master Beekeeper, as he teaches students the history and biology of the honeybee, how to start a hive using a variety of equipment, the relationship between the honeybee and agriculture, and how to use and sell products for the hive. Students will also learn about the threats to a honeybee colony, such as parasites, disease, and Colony Collapse Disorder. Students will be given information regarding the NC Beehive Grants. The course will conclude with a visit to the Harty Farm bee yard for a hands-on hive experience.


2/4/21-3/25/21, Th, 6:00 pm-9:00 pm

$70                          Instructor: Harty

Mitchell                       828.766.1291

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