Basic Dog Obedience (6 Hours)

(Open to FRIENDLY dogs 6 months and older)
From self-control, to focus, to basic manners, this class covers all the basics your dog needs to know to be an enjoyable part of your family. This class will teach YOU how to train your dog and equip you with the skills needed to have a lifetime of enjoyment with your dog! At the end of this class, you will be the proud parent of a dog who knows their basic cues, can pay attention around distractions, and has self-control around food!

Required equipment: 6-foot leash, 15-to-20-foot leash, flat collar, OR body harness with front & rear leash attachment (Pet Safe 3-in-1, Ruffwear Front Range, Ruffwear Flagline suggested)


8/3/21-9/7/21, T, 7:00 pm-8:00 pm

$175                 Instructor: Harris

Avery                   828.733.5883

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