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Continuing Education - Frequently Asked Questions

Can I receive credits for this course towards a degree?

No, you will receive a certificate of completion for the hours in class if you pass. The class will not transfer as credit hours towards a degree.

What is your refund policy?

As established by the NC Board of Community Colleges, a refund shall be made under the following circumstances:  1) a FULL refund is given if a student officially withdraws prior to the first class meeting.  2) After class begins, a 75% refund of tuition only is made if the student officially withdraws prior to or on the 10% point of scheduled hours.  3) No refunds are available for General Interest/Self-supporting classes once they have met.  Refunds should be requested in writing to the Continuing Education and Workforce Development Office where you registered for the class.  Please allow two weeks for processing of refunds.

Are senior citizens eligible for a waiver?

Senior Citizens may audit classes under the following conditions:  1) the class is not self-supporting or general interest, 2)the class has the required number of FTE generating students to be viable, 3)the class has no mandatory clinical hours, and 4) the appropriate third-party agency approves credentials for students who audit classes.  Class will be comprised of no more than 10% auditing students.

How old do I have to be to take a class?

Continuing Education and Workforce Development course offerings (excluding Summer Kids Camps) are designed for adult learners.  In special cases, 16 and 17 year olds will be considered when there is available space in the class.

How do I register for a Continuing Education/Workforce class?

Online Option:

Most classes are available for online registration and payment at  Click Register and Pay Online.

In-Person Option:

Stop at one of our campus or learning center locations to register in person.

Mitchell Campus Continuing Education Department
200 Mayland Drive
Crafts Center
Spruce Pine, NC 28777

Avery Learning Center
785 Cranberry Street
Newland, NC 28657

Yancey Learning Center
107 Wheeler Hills Road
Burnsville, NC 28714

What credentialing programs are offered?

We offer Third Party Credentialing in the following programs.
For more information: Jump Start Your Career

Is Financial Assistance available for Workforce Development courses?

Yes, financial assistance is available for Workforce Development courses that are 96 hours or more and lead to a state or nationally recognized credential. Call Ted Ollis at 828.766.1297 for more information.

Do I need to pay for my class right now or can I pay later?

Please pay now.  Your seat in a class is not secured until payment is received by the college.  You may pay for your class by visiting one of our offices or online at

How many class days am I allowed to miss?

It is our expectation that you will attend all class dates for the program in which you register.  However, most Continuing Education/Workforce classes require at a minimum, attendance in 70% of the program class dates. Please check the syllabus or with your instructor for the attendance policy of each specific class because requirements may vary based upon third party certifying board regulations.  You are required to make arrangements to complete your assignments in the event of a missed class.

Will someone call me if the weather is bad and the class is cancelled or delayed?

If the cancelation is due to inclement weather, there will be a post on our website,  For other cancellation reasons, office personnel will notify students.  For this reason, please ensure your contact information is correct!

If the public schools are closed does my high school student have to come to MCC classes?

During inclement weather conditions, High School students enrolled in a class at MCC will follow the College’s inclement weather/schedule and adjustment plan.  If the schedule adjustment creates a conflict between a High School and a Mayland Community College course, then the student should attend the High School course.  In all situations, please use your best judgment to preserve your safety.  If you cannot attend due to weather conditions please contact your instructor as soon as possible.

What is the cost of tuition?

Classes 1-24 hours are $70

Classes 25-50  $125

51+ $180

What are the computer needs for this class?   (For the online classes)

You will need a computer with internet access and a web browser. You will also need a word processing program, either for a Mac or a PC.

Will these classes transfer for credit hours?  (NCCER classes)

No, you will receive a certificate of completion from MCC, and a certificate and card from NCCER upon passing the course. The course will not transfer for credit hours toward a degree.

What is the withdrawal process?

Students who wish to withdraw from a class must stop by the respective office and complete a refund request form. Please see refund policy for refund eligibility.