Advanced Emergency Medical Technician – AEMT (256 Hours)

Advanced Emergency Medical Technician – AEMT (256 Hours)

Designed to train the EMT in more advanced medical treatment of patients, this course teaches patient assessment and advanced life support techniques. AEMT’s can work in
private or public business and ambulance services. Successful completion of this course allows the student to take the North Carolina State AEMT exam. 256 hour course includes 160 class hours, 48 field hours, and 48 clinical hours.

Training Includes:
• Legal aspects of patient care • Anatomy • Advanced patient assessment • Advanced
airway management • I.V. insertion and therapy • Advanced drug administration • Shock
treatment • Thermal and trauma emergencies • Transferring patients to medical facilities
• Documentation

Admissions Requirements:
• Must be at least 18 years old • Submit a copy of High School Diploma or GED certificate
• Documentation of successful completion of a college level English, Reading and Math
Course or successful completion of a college placement test such as Accuplacer
• Submit documentation of immunizations • Provide documentation of current EMT certification
• Attend course orientation class

Cost of Class:
• Tuition $180
(This amount may be waived with the appropriate documentation).
• Textbook and Workbook $200 (subject to change)
• Liability insurance $13 (required)
• CPR Card (must be valid through the end date of class) $10
• Optional accident insurance $1.20

Students in the program may get help paying cost of class by calling 828.766.1297.

8/13/18-12/6/18, TTH, 6:00 p.m.-10:00 p.m Some Saturdays.
$180, plus books & fees
Mitchell 828.766.1279