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Tomahawk Forging and Bushcraft Knives (30 Hours)

Forging a tomahawk is a great starter project for blacksmithing. Forging the head will introduce students to the basic practice of drawing & shaping steel as well as forge-welding and heat treating to harden the edge. Students will forge a traditional style “wrap-around” tomahawk head and will shape/ fit the handle form provided hardwood blanks. Then students will personalize & complete this “hawk” with traditional details & embellishments of their choosing. Open to all levels of experience. Second part of this class students will hand forge a primitive/bushcraft utility knife suited for versatile outdoor use. Basic knife forging, heat treating, handle fitting, and sharpening will be covered. This is a time intensive class. It is recommended that the student have some prior forging experience if they wish to finish a knife blade. For those beginners and less experienced, this class is suited as an introduction provided the student understands that their knife might not be completed during the time allotted.
Instructor: King
Yancey 828.682.7315