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Soil Series

For more information about Soil Series please contact the Yancey Learning Center at 828.682.7315.

Class 1: Soil Class 1 (5 Hours)
Focus on what is growing on your site as we evaluate weeds and what they tell us. We will discover how to use plants to determine how healthy the soil may be. We will also take a soil test which will be reviewed in a later session. Bring a bag lunch.
Yancey  828.682.7315

Class 2: Soil Class 2 (2.5 Hours)
Discover the amazing soil food web! You will see how everything is connected and the plant/soil web is diverse from insects, roots to fungi, and more.
Yancey  828.682.7315

Class 3: Soil Class 3 (2.5 Hours)
What is synergy? We will expand the web more and look at various systems that tie many things together. We will also look at how to prepare soil for seeding.
Yancey  828.682.7315

Class 4: Soil Class 4 (2 .5 Hours)
In this class we will evaluate the soil test conducted in the first class. We will analyze the results to determine the chemistry involved. We will discuss ways to add amendments to help correct any issues.
Yancey  828.682.7315

Class 5: Soil Class 5 (3 Hours)
In this class we will examine systems. First is lasagna gardening, a mulch system, no till. And the second part will focus on simple composting ideas.
Yancey  828.682.7315

Class 6: Soil Class 6 (5 Hours)
We will meet at Dig-in Community Farm and see the growing methods they use to produce 2-acres of food for the community. There will be some hands-on project opportunities. Bring a bag lunch and gloves.
Yancey  828.682.7315

Greens-How To (3.5 Hours)
Greens are low calorie nutritional dynamos: learn how to plant/grow them, forage edible weeds and leaves of other vegetables, they’re in our lawns, landscapes, and wild areas. Some tastings included!! Meet at The Community Center at Celo.
Yancey  828.682.7315

Organic Disease Control Strategies and Tools (2.5 Hours)
A whole system considers genetics, terrain, weather, climate, cultural practices, alternate hosts and vectors so growers can avoid or mitigate diseases. Learn what are available and effective Organic fungicides etc.
Yancey  828.682.7315