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Resin Relief Overlay on Stretched Canvas (6 Hours)

Students will utilize clay modeling skills, silicon mold making, resin casting, painting both resin and stretched canvas. The finished product will be on a 12x12 stretched canvas. This is a 2-session class. The first session will focus on clay modeling on a 12x12” tile. Students will learn to connect all of the relief elements, ensuring sufficient thickness and depth to develop a clean and strong overlay. The mold making process will round out the first session. The second session will cover casting of the overlay, prepping, and painting it, preparing the surface of the canvass, and finally completing the piece with all finishes. Students will leave with a completed piece and the mold of their overlay, allowing for duplication of the project with the skills learned. Casting and modeling supplies and canvas will be provided, students will need to provide painting supplies (paint, brushes, or paint pens or some combination.)

Instructor: Coggins
Avery 828.733.5883