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Paramedic (1002 Hours) (400 Classroom, 196 Lab, 76 Virtual, 246 Field, and 84 Clinical Hours)

Designed to train the Advanced EMT in the more advanced medical treatment of patients, this course
teaches patient assessment and advanced life support techniques. Paramedics can work in private
and public businesses and ambulance services both ground and air. Successful completion of this course allows the student to take the North Carolina Paramedic Exam.

*Course Orientation: March 1st, 6:00 p.m. at MCC Main Campus, Health Science Building, H113

Training includes:

  • Legal aspects of patient care
  • Advanced patient assessment
  • Advanced airway management
  • Advanced Cardiac emergency treatment
  • I.V. Therapy
  • Oxygen and drug administration
  • Shock
  • Skull, spine, and chest injuries
  • Neonatal and pediatric emergencies
  • Transferring patients to medical facilities

Admissions Requirements:

  • Must be at least 18 years of age.
  • Provide proof of high school completion
    (high school transcripts, copy of high
    school diploma, or copy of the completion of
    GED requirements)
  • Demonstrate reading proficiency either
    by college transcripts, a computerized
    placement test, or the CASAS reading test
  • Documentation of successful completion
    of a college-level Math course or successful
    completion of a college placement
    test such as CASAS
  • Provide documentation of current AEMT
  • Submit documentation of immunizations.
  • Mandatory attendance of course orientation*
  • Successfully complete EMS A&P or provide
    proof of taking A&P
  • Clinical sites will require background
    checks and drug screening

Cost of Class

  • Tuition/Registration: $180 (may be
    waived with appropriate documentation)
  • Text: $310 (subject to change)
  • Cost of CPR card
  • Liability insurance: $13
  • Accident insurance: $1.20

Other Fees:

  • Drug screening for clinical site
  • Background check for clinical site
  • Certification exam: $68
  • FISDAP account: $225.75

If interested please contact: Joshua Cooke at 828.766.1230 OR Tony Cook at 828.766.1279

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