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Manufacturing Technician Level I (130 Hours)

The Manufacturing Technician Level I (MT1)© certificate program was developed to meet growing employment needs. The complete MT1 program addresses the core industry-wide skills standards required for skilled production occupations in all types of manufacturing. These are two levels of certification associated with the MT1 certificate program: the Manufacturing Specialist (MS) Credential and the MT1 Credential. Manufacturing technicians may find employment with local industries, hospitals (maintenance), school systems, construction/contractors, landscapers, and at resorts. The MS1 and MT1 are stackable credentials and both are industry-endorsed and competency-based. This certification is offered through the Manufacturing Skills Institute.

Training Includes:

  • Math and measurement
  • Manufacturing technology and spatial reasoning
  • Business acumen and quality
  • Quality practices and measurement
  • Manufacturing processes
  • Electrical and mechanical basics
  • Maintenance awareness

Admission Requirements:

  • TBD

Cost of Class:

  • Tuition/Registration $180
  • Materials $35 (subject to change)

Other Costs:

  • Certification exam: $300


For more information about this class call the Yancey Learning Center at 828.682.7315.