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Let's Start at the Beginning—A Basics of Yoga Series (8 Hours)

Curious about yoga but not sure where to begin or even what the big deal is. During this six-week series, you will learn a little history about yoga, figure out how to sync up your breath with your movements, hear some Sanskrit (an Ancient Eastern language), try out the different types of postures (asanas) that you practice in yoga, get some tips and tricks in alignment that may up the game of your physical practice, and do it all in your home with me as a guide. Never fear, along the way, there will be time to ask lots of questions. This isn't just for beginners! If you have not had a regular, consistent practice in a while, this series is a great jumpstart if you want to get back onto the mat.

6/5–7/17, M, 6:30–7:50 p.m.
No Class 7/3
Instructor: Sherman
Yancey 828.682.7315